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Jackal's Gym Athletes

Powerlifting National Champions
Karl Gillingham
6'3", 315lbs
Professional Strongman

Jackal’s Gym is the official website home of Karl Gillingham - US National Strongman Champion, and ESPN World's Strongest Man competitor. Karl has been competing in strongman since 1998 and has been ranked in the top five nationally every year he has competed. Karl's first contest in strongman was the US Championship in which he won. Since that time Karl has traveled the world competing in over 40 top national and international contests including the prestigious World Super-Series Championship and the World Strongest Man contest.
Strongman Competition Results
Brad Gillingham
6'4", 335lbs

Brad Gillingham has been one of the top drug free powerlifters in the United States for over a decade. His journey from a 242 pound Minnesota State Champion to a 300+ pound IPF World Champion has been incredible to watch. There have been bumps in the road for Brad including three surgeries along the way, however his incremental gains in bodyweight and total weight lifted show a positive trend upward and have yet to plateau. Brad may be the greatest drug free powerlifter ever when considering the number of competitions, years competing, and his slow and steady progress. With more than 50 800lb+ deadlifts to his credit dating back to his first 800lb pull in 1995 and 11 IPF World Championship appearances and 2 wins, his record speaks for itself.
Lifting Resume Powerlifting Results
Career Progress Top Squats
Top Benches Top Deadlifts
Top Totals
Wade Gillingham
6'2", 295lbs
Professional Strongman, Armwrestler

Jackal’s Gym is the official website home of Wade Gillingham. Wade competed in powerlifting from 1990-1997, as a professional strongman from 1998-2002, and is currently competing in professional armwrestling and grip contests. Since 2002 Wade has been doing professional appearances for General Nutrition Centers which focus on displaying his strongman talents and world class hand grip strength. Wade has appeared numerous times on live television including pulling a 25 ton, 30 passenger private jet to kick off the 2003 X-treme Strongman National Championships.
Competition Results Professional Appearances
Top Grip Feats
Jon Krogman
5'9", 285lbs

John Krogman is one of the worlds best junior lifters. With only a little over 6 years of lifting experience under his belt John has used the Jackal's Gym methods to transform his 130lb frame into a 242lb IPF Subjunior World Champion and 275lb IPF Junior World Champion. At just 21 years old John already holds several American powerlifting records, and shows the promise to be one of the country's next great lifters, and with any luck, one day battling it out for world titles on the big IPF stage.
Powerlifting Resume
Nick Tyluki
5'10", 240lbs

Nick Tylutki is a local Minnesota lifter that was discovered lifting massive poundages while following a program that was more geared to bodybuilding than powerlifting in a small garage gym run by former Professional Wrestler Paul Ellering. Nick played Division II Football for two years in the tough NCC conference which has spawned many great NFL players. Only a year after beginning serious powerlifting training under the tutelage of Jackals Gym, Nick went on to place 3rd in the IPF Junior Worlds in Taiwan. Nick continues to improve and will soon move up to the 110kg class where he will finally be able to fill out his frame and lift to his true potential.
Powerlifting Resume

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